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Organic Chocolate: Delicious & Healthy

by GabbyDI (follow)
Gabriella Diesendorf is blogger from Australia. She loves badgering about beauty, green lifestyle choices and parenting techniques
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Have you ever asked yourself why you love chocolate as much as you do? Did you know that it contains a special type of amino acids which derives dopamine? That is a neurotransmitter that sends the signal to your brainís nerve cells, actually making you feel happy and contempt. And not only that, but it will also help to increase your blood sugar level, and release endorphin, which is basically your brainís way to tell you that youíre doing good and your mood suddenly starts turning bright.

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So, in all seriousness, chocolate loves us back, and this little nurturing cocoa bar deserves all of our attention. Letís see where did it came from and how did it get here.

A Short and Sweet History

More than 3, 000 years ago, you could have a cup of chocolate only if your status in the local community was high, and you were somewhere in the jungles of Central America. Although, it wasnít that sweet back then, allegedly it tasted more like beer and Aztecs used it as a form of a ceremonial beverage. It will take as many as 2, 500 years for the conquistadors to arrive on the shores of the continent that we know now as America, and a man called Hernando Cortes to take a sip of this unfamiliar beverage and figure out: ďWell, this could use a little bit of sugar.Ē Of course, Aztecs didnít know what sugar is, that spice was totally foreign to them. Maybe this is why they considered Hernando to be a reincarnation of a God-King.

This most often form of the chocolate, a bar that we all know and enjoy, is relatively young believe it or not. In the mid of the 19th century chocolate was widely distributed to the masses, entering the market as a remedy, but consumers were only sick of desire for this sweet piece of candy, so we just kept it as a treat.

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Health Benefits

We are all aware that chocolate is not good for our teeth, our diet, and some of us can even get an allergic reaction and a migraine. But if you can find an organic chocolate, like one of these ones from Organics on a budget store, you can enjoy all benefits of a healthy snack with no remorse whatsoever. Letís see what you can get from a 100 gram bar with at least 70% of cocoa.

Plenty of selenium, zinc, potassium and phosphorus,
Almost all of it contains manganese,
And just a little bit less of copper,
Half of that bar is rich with magnesium,
And more than a half with iron,
Not to mention 11 grams of fiber.

You should also be aware that there is no food that will provide you with antioxidants as much as a bar of a dark chocolate provides, and it may lower the risk of cardiovascular disease for an astonishing 50%. It may protect your skin from the Sun, because it improves blood flow and your skin simply feels rejuvenated. The last, but not least, benefit of the chocolate, already mentioned, is of course the fact that it increases brain functions and makes you feel smarter, better and overall happy. It also helps your cognitive functions.

This is why chocolate is your best friend! Well, at least the dark, organic kind. But the benefits are obvious, so donít avoid the much needed intake of the necessary vitamins, simply find a way to consume them in a more natural fashion. Keep it gluten free and healthy, and love chocolate because you know it loves you back.

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