Essentials for making chocolate desserts

Essentials for making chocolate desserts

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Is there anyone who does not like chocolate desserts? What is more delicious than brownies, chocolate tarts, cookies, pies and truffles or chocolate mousse? We have mouth-watering recipes for these dishes, but what do we need to prepare them?

Essentials you need before preparing chocolate desserts

Apart from cookware, which is maybe the most important part when making desserts, some other utensil are also needed. The first on the list are measuring cups, one for liquids such as milk and water, the other for dry ingredients like flour and sugar. You can also find measuring spoons which are really good for measuring baking powder, cocoa powder or baking soda. A set of mixing bowls is also very helpful when making chocolate desserts. Bear in mind that mixing bowls should be of different sizes. A silicone spatula is the best option because it can be used in both high and low temperatures. Small glass bowls are convenient for preparing ingredients. Cooling rack should also be on the list. Finally, a heatproof bowl made either of stainless steel or tempered glass is the best utensil for melting chocolate. Put chocolate and butter in a heatproof bowl, put the bowl on the top of a heavy saucepan with simmering water. You will not burn chocolate with this method.

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When it comes to baking pans, there are really tons of them and we will mention the basic ones. You definitely need traditional pans which have high sides and which come in rectangular, round, square and even heart shapes. They also come in different sizes, so the best option is to choose ones in medium size or you can use pan conversation formula for each recipe. For layered chocolate cakes, you definitely need a cake ring. Mini cake pans or cupcake/muffin pans come in handy. Well, we all love moist chocolate muffins. Finally, chocolate pies are absolutely delicious so you definitely need a pie pan as well.

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You also need saucepans and skillets. Saucepans are useful for both melting chocolate and preparing different chocolate puddings. Skillets are usually used for meat, but we will mention them to prove to you that sometimes you do not need a great number of expensive cookware. A skillets is the best choice for making chocolate brownies. Use a skillet to both melt chocolate (if you are an experienced cook, otherwise use a double boiler we mentioned) and bake brownies.

Cookware can be made of different materials such as copper, stainless steel, silicone, anodised aluminium or enamelled cast iron and they all have guides/buyers guide to kitchen cookware essentials,5305 certain advantages.

Electric appliances

You can choose between hand mixers or stand mixers. An electric hand mixer is less expensive and it takes minimal space. However, mixing capabilities are not good as with stand mixers. Stand mixers enable quick and better mixing and they allow you to walk away from the bowl. On the other hand, they are large, cleaning may be cumbersome work and they are pretty expensive. Depending on your needs, you can choose one of these appliances.
I hope that this mini-guide has helped you. Now, you have everything you need to make wonderful chocolate desserts.


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