Classic Chocolate Supreme Cornetto

Classic Chocolate Supreme Cornetto

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Cornetto Ice Cream Cones were invented by an Italian genius and passionate ice cream officianado, called Spica. Sitting in Naples in 1959, he came up with the brilliant idea of lining his ice cream waffle cones with chocolate to keep them from going soggy when frozen. Thus began the Cornetto ice cream revolution - how very clever indeed.

These days, we are lucky enough to have Cornetto Ice Creams readily available all over the world (marketed everywhere by Unilever under the Heartbrand logo) and no one has eaten a soggy waffle cone since.

Our six pack

Cornetto Ice Creams come in many flavors including Classic Vanilla, Caramel, Strawberry, Raspberry, Peppermint and even a Valentine's Day Special flaovor. They make a perfect treat to keep you going at the beach or pool in summer and skiing or skating in winter. Classic Cornettos will be a hit at any children's birthday parties and picnics, and these multi packs (available in the frozen section of any large Australian supermarket) are great value too.


We bought this six pack of cones as a special dessert treat for the family and you should have heard the squeals of excitement as they came out of the freezer last night.

Cornettos ready to eat

The should only be consumed by serious chocolate lovers as it is quite rich, especially with the solid chocolate surprise at the end. The cone itself is topped with vanilla ice cream and crunchy chopped hazelnuts, so once you've eaten the top off, the rest of the ice cream consists of pure delicious chocolate supreme.

Have a bite

These Cornetto Classic value packs also come in several other tempting flavors - Caramel Twist, Vanilla/Chocolate and Variety multi packs. So why not try a today and find out for yourself why the Cornetto motto says, "Enjoy the Ride, Love the Ending."

A surprise at the end

"Just one Cornetto
Give it to me,
Delicious ice cream, of Italy,
Creamy Vanilla and choco dream,
Give me a Cornetto
From Walls ice cream."

Song from a classic Cornetto Advertisement (to be sung with the O Sole Mio tune).


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