History of Chocolate

History of Chocolate

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Chocolate appeared in the year 600 AD, when the Maya Indians, after moving from their homes in Guatemala to the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico, brought cocoa with them, from the rainforests, located in their area, after they created them on private farms for the growth of cocoa, and at the beginning of the year In the 1000's, people in Central America began using cocoa beans, as money, as they used a number of pills to buy animals or goods. For example, they used ten cocoa beans to buy a rabbit, and one hundred cocoa beans to buy a slave.

They used to make bitter syrup to treat coughs and fever, and taxes were imposed. Fees on the Mexican people, after being subject to the rule of the Aztecs in 1200 AD, by making cocoa beans an official tax in their country, as they used to use it, as a drink after adding flowers, vanilla, and honey to it, to add a delicious flavor. How did the concept of chocolate develop during the 1500s. In 1502 Christopher Columbus was given his first chocolate drink, on the ship, during his fourth trip to America, and although he hated the taste, he took a large amount of grain, and returned with it to the homeland to inform his people about cocoa beans, which was considered an invaluable and extraordinary thing at the time.

In 1519 it is said that a young Spanish man named Hernan Cortez went to Cuba to fulfill his dream of forming his wealth of gold, but he heard stories and other wonderful legends that tell about the presence of gold in Mexico and South America, so he left Cuba in 1519, heading to Mexico, where it was governed by the rule of the Aztecs, and while he was there, a war broke out between the Aztec tribe and the Indians, so he participated in it, and ended in victory over the Indians, and on the eighth of November of the same year, Cortez went to the city of Mexico, where he received him. The Aztec Emperor welcomed him, and the Spanish youth arrested him and ruled his empire on his way. He took over the gold and silver mines, and shipped them to Spain, as he noticed the value of cocoa beans, among the Aztecs, so he worked on establishing a cocoa farm, in the name of Spain. In 1528 the young Spanish Cortez returned to Spain from his trip victorious, and brought with him a quantity of cocoa beans, and he concealed it in a place that no one knew to find it. He kept the secret of the formula used to make chocolate drink, so that only the rich drink from it. In 1585, the first shipment of cocoa beans, commercially cultivated in South and Central America, was transferred to Spain.


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