Hotel Chocolat Giant Slabs

Hotel Chocolat Giant Slabs

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This a cute little snack, marketed as a kids treat is also perfect for the young at heart who enjoy playful foods. Created by Meiji ,who are Japan's number 1 chocolate maker, and also the brainchild behind the fun and yummy Little Panda treats.

The Yan Yan comes in a colourful container, that features two compartments, one for the oat covered biscuits, and one for the dip.

There are 4 flavour choices; chocolate, strawberry, milk and double cream (a mixed flavour dip). My favourite is the milk one which I love because it's really tasty and not sickly at all, and less messy when I'm sharing with my kids.

The rabbit and the horse

My favourite thing about this product is that each crispy biscuit stick comes complete with a picture of an animal on one end, with its name next to it, and a cute little message too. Never one to turn down a learning opportunity, I ask my 3 year old to spell out the name of the animal and pick out which letters in the message they recognise. This makes it a sweet treat, and fun game for kids all at once. Every pack contains different animals, so it's a bit of fun to see what animals you might have in your container. There are a couple of animals that have so far eluded us, so we still have a few more animals to find including the mole, star fish, beetle and squid.

The popular whale biscuit, and some wisdom with the mouse

The other aspect of this product that is particularly handy, is that the snack comes in a handy little cardboard container that perfect for packing in the bag when on a day trip.

Available from Asian supermarkets, IGA's (in Australia) and a number of online sweet shops globally.

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