Hotel Chocolate Surprise Box

Hotel Chocolate Surprise Box

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Hotel Chocolat have a special surprise box that appears every now an then. It is a box that contains six different 'selectors' at £8. Considering a selector usually costs £3.50 each or £2.95 when buying three or more, this is an absolute bargain, with a saving of over fifty percent.

The surprise box is a limited edition, only available online (rather than in store), and as the named suggests, you will be sent six random selectors. The only risk you take is not liking the ones that get picked, but I've got to say the chances of that are very low.

If you have a nut allergy, however, the it is probably best not to get these, as it is very likely that at least one contains nuts.

What you get will ultimately be different from my selection, but here is a review of the goodies I received.

The Dark Chocolate Brownie is as decadent as it looks; very rich, it is filled with a hazelnut and pecan praline, with some additional cocoa crisps to give it added texture.

Moving on to the milk chocolate, the next praline I received is called a Dizzy. This is one of my all time favourite selectors. A smooth milk chocolate with hazelnut praline, it is decorated with a swirl of white chocolate.

If you like liqueurs, then you'll love the Cherry Deluxe. Encased in a milk chocolate shell is a whole cherry surrounded by soft amaretto cream.

Another charming cherry chocolate is their **Cherry Bakewell*. Very reminiscent of a bakewell tart, it has light almond praline inside a creamy white chocolate cup. This is topped off with a sour cherry ganache.

For all the nuts out there, try their Caramelised Hazelnuts, which are enrobed in 40% milk chocolate. Be warned, once you start, you might not be able to stop.

Last, but certainly not least is the Eton Mess. This eponymous chocolate has all the elements of that classic British summer dessert. Inside its white chocolate shell you'll find an incredibly light strawberry mousse. The top is decorated with yummy dried strawberry pieces and bits of crispy meringue.


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