Lindt HELLO My Name is Apple Pie

Lindt HELLO My Name is Apple Pie

Posted 2014-03-13 by Tammy Faceyfollow
Apple pie is one of my favourite desserts; it reminds me of my big sister, and how during both our child and adulthood she enjoys it with both custard and double cream. I, also, like it with both, but only if the pie is cold with the custard, or warm with a cream topping.

Anecdote aside, apple pie is a loved dessert by many, and is regarded as a classic British dessert in some cultures. For a number of my friends the apple pie is as much about the pastry as it is the filling, and some do away with the apple pieces altogether, favouring the sweet pastry which is both crunchy and moist with the apple pie and sugar mush inside.

With that in mind you might wonder what on earth Lindt were thinking creating an apple-pie flavoured chocolate bar. I urge you to give me your ears, it is certainly a new taste for me too.

As part of the pack of Lindt HELLO bars my friend brought me back from her trip to LA, was this: HELLO my name is Apple Pie (£1.99). I knew America was famous for unusual combinations, especially when it came to desserts, but never had I thought of apple pie and chocolate, how unadventurous my palate was.

As I unwrapped the apple pie flavoured chocolate bar I could smell the unlikely combination: as you remove the wrapper you can smell a creamy milk chocolate, but also a zinginess, provided by the apple - I hadn't expected this at all.

I broke off one of the squares and took a bite, and I have to say it is unlike anything I have ever tried, but also wonderful at the same time. The milk chocolate melts away to a creamy silkiness, and the inner apple pie 'filling' is truly a treat.

My mother and older sister have always loved the combination of apples and hot chocolate. Personally, I've always thought they were a bit odd for liking a healthy snack, with a more 'naughty' snack, but only now does it make sense.

Apple provides a sharp, tartness, which works oh so perfectly with the creamy and not-too-rich chocolate, which Lindt have so expertly created.


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