Lindt HELLO My Name is Cookies and Cream

Lindt HELLO My Name is Cookies and Cream

Posted 2014-03-12 by Tammy Faceyfollow
This is the kind of chocolate which makes you go weak at the knees; the kind you share over a film, and break up between friends when you're talking about the current squeeze of your best friend.

I'm a sucker for packaging, and once again Lindt have presented their new bar of yumminess in luxurious packaging which has got me drooling at the mouth, here is Cookies & Cream (£1.99)

The packaging speaks to me: dark, with gold inflections and pictures of cookie - it's everything I love. The idea of the exotic, with the familiar is something I always look for, and once a type of food has appealed to my eyes, I imagine the taste to be pretty good.

Lindt needn't put so much effort, or even hope that their packaging wins customers over because this cookies and cream bar is superb.

To enjoy it is wonderful, but to share it is an experience. I remember enjoying cookies and cream cookies as a child, cookies and cream ice cream as well as a significantly memorable cookies and cream cake my sisters and I tried to make one afternoon in our youth; without a doubt this bar will transport you back to happier times, or hopefully create new memories.

This ever-so creamy bar tastes like ice cream, but the solid, chocolate version. It has a crunchy, but essentially creamy quality which shows the Lindt chocolatier masters have been paying attention. It is clear they have tinkered with the recipe before getting it just right.

Texture-wise it is a mix of smooth and 'crunchy bits', which is the cookie distributed evenly throughout the creamy milk chocolate.

The cookies and cream bar, though associated with indulgence isn't as rich as you might expect; instead of a heavy-cream taste, which I had expected, after a few moments of letting it melt on my tongue the sweetness gave way to a lightness, which make me think the chocolate had been whipped at lightning speed to get it so creamy and smooth.

If you'd like to buy this yummy bar find it on the Lindt website. Happy shopping (and munching).


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