Milk of the Gods

Milk of the Gods

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There's no mistaking it: milk chocolate is a wonderful thing. It's the first kind of chocolate I tried as a child, and I imagine it's the same story for many people.

Let's face it, what makes milk chocolate so good is the simple fact that the balance of key ingredients (milk, cream, cocoa, sugar and fat), works. Hence why over and over again do we see bars of milk chocolate, a slight variation on the last, an improvement maybe, or with an added spice. Either way, at the core of a good bar is milk chocolate which the Western world know and love.

Willie, of Willie's Cacao, however, has other ideas. Instead of plugging another standard bar of milk chocolate Willie has travelled far East to find a superior type of chocolate which works well with the holy trinity of cream, sugar and fat.

You might think it an easy task sourcing cocoa beans which turn into a nice bar of milk chocolate, but Willie doesn't do things by half, nor did he go out of his way to make a bar which could only be described as "nice". He has, in fact, found the perfect beans which compliments the addition of milk and works even better with the right kind of sugars, that bean is from Rio Caribe and turned it into a bar of yumminess which is titled (£1.80).

I wouldn't say you can taste the difference between cocoa bean locations because my palate is nowhere near as finely tuned as Willie's, but there is a distinct difference between Milk of The God's and a standard bar of Cadbury's milk chocolate. Firstly, Milk of the God's is made of 44% cacao, which makes it significantly higher is cocoa mass compared with more familiar versions of milk chocolate.

I recommend this bar for dark chocolate newbies; the cacao is subtle and it is reminiscent of the chocolate of my youth. Instead, however, Willie has created a bar which is so much more than the memories of what you grew up with, it is far better because of the quality of ingredients used. So cacao newbies, or those interested in a better chocolate bar, will have no qualms because Willie's Milk Chocolate bar is actually, wonderful.

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