MS Italian Chocolate Assortment

MS Italian Chocolate Assortment

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Oo, they look different, my mum thought when she spotted a box of assorted chocolates from Marks & Spencer. She then promptly put them in her shopping basket, and bought them for me for Christmas.

'Oo, they look different', I said, as I unwrapped the box. After having tried Marks & Spencer's own brand chocolate bars, I was not very impressed, and had not pursued buying any further chocolates from them, but this Italian Collection of assorted truffles was on a whole other level.

They are elegantly presented with a bow ribbon, which makes them excellent presents. The gold and brown themed foil themed wrapping not only suits Christmas time, but weddings as well.

Before digging in, I read the menu, which elicited a reaction you are probably familiar with by now: Oo, these sound different. The choice of four includes:

Dark Creme Di Cacoa: An indulgent cocoa filling enriched with caramelised cocoa nibs, encased in a rich dark chocolate shell.

Milk Nocciola Croccante: A smooth hazelnut filling with delicious crispy pieces, encased in a velvety milk chocolate shell.

White Bianco Crema: A silky milk chocolate filling with crunchy biscuit pieces, encased in creamy white chocolate shell.

Milk Gianduiotto: A smooth milk chocolate and 30% hazelnut paste moulded into the traditional Italian Gianduiotto Shape.

While the description is too heavily adorned with adjectives, I cannot deny the accuracy of each statement. The best out of the selection was by far the Dark Creme Di Cacoa, which is made from 72% cocoa solids, and is every bit as rich as it says. The nibs are just below the surface of the shell, and add real texture without interfering with the smooth ganache.

Comparing the two milk truffles, the croccante is my preferred choice because it is less sweet. The sugar content in the hazelnut paste of the Gianduiotto was much higher, and actually tasted sweeter than the white chocolate.

I highly recommend these as a gift to a friend or yourself.

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