Prestat Milk Chocolate Cinnamon Spice

Prestat Milk Chocolate Cinnamon Spice

Posted 2014-03-08 by Tammy Faceyfollow
Prestat is more than an exquisite brand of chocolate, it's regal.

Here's a bar I found in Tesco, (and have since spotted in Sainsbury's). This Prestat bar stood out like a beacon because of the bright pink glossy packaging, gold lettering, royal typography, and the HRH stamp.

It's not often that a chocolate bar has the HRH stamp of approval on the packaging, so of course this deliberate marketing move implied that the chocolate inside was, undoubtedly, royal.

Inside, the bar is the typical slab of Prestat chocolate, which is broken up into six squares, which have the PRESTAT name pressed into them. Swirled lines surround the title on each square, which make for a prettier slab, compared with plain squares of chocolate which I have found within some other brands of chocolate.

For £2.50 (75g), you can enjoy a bar which has been crafted for the royals since the 1900's. Prestat has an elegance, a presence, and is more than well-versed in the art of excellent chocolate.

Wrapping aside, I really quite enjoyed the flavours in the bar. I hadn't expected to like the combination of cinnamon and chocolate because I rarely use the two ingredients in a cake, or when I'm baking pastries. Nor have I tried any sort of spiced chocolate bar in the past. The Prestat chocolate had it's usual superior creaminess which affords them such loyal customers, but it's the cinnamon which really makes a difference to the taste.

I was expecting a more subtle spicing, but the cinnamon was quite notable, warming and surprisingly moreish.

As for the texture the bar had an ever-so-subtle grainy quality, which wasn't altogether unpleasant, simply, unexpected. I think this would work well in a cake because it contains a relatively high cocoa mass compared with regular milk chocolate, but would also create a great aroma when baked.

This bar was definitely a surprise, but a good one at that. Recommended to all who like a little spice in their coffee, or a kick to their cakes.


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