Sainsburys White Chocolate and Orange Cookies

Sainsburys White Chocolate and Orange Cookies

Posted 2014-03-11 by Tammy Faceyfollow
The Taste the Difference range at Sainsbury's is always fantastic. Their bakery section is particularly good, and I am somewhat taken with their White Chocolate and Orange Cookies .

I discovered these cookies when I was travelling between Euston and Birmingham and I wanted a sweet snack for the journey. I popped into Sainsbury's and they stood out like a beacon. Unlike the other cookies in the bakery section these had a bright orange upper half, as opposed to regular blue or purple. They are new, and seem to be popular because I grabbed the last bag.

I've never been a huge fan of white chocolate, preferring milk or dark, but these cookies looked too good to miss.

At £1.00 for a bag of four large cookies, it's good value for money; in a coffee shop I have previously paid upwards of £1.50 for one cookie. No matter the size, they are never really that good. At Sainsbury's however, they're interested in value and taste, and nothing does that better than these bag of cookies.

I have never tried the combination of white chocolate and orange before, so I was initially quite sceptical. I read on the packet, however, that the cookies are made with orange oil as opposed to orange rind, which is a relief because I am not keen on the combination of zest and chocolate.

The addition of orange is subtle, which was nice; I had hoped for a little zing, and that is exactly what I got: orange flavour without the orange. The cookies were huge, and generously studded with white chocolate pieces. Sainsbury's never do things by half, and the Taste the Difference range really shows it off.

There is a notable difference between these cookies and the regular cookies in their bakery. They are bigger, chewier, and have more exciting flavours, one of which I am now hooked on.

I only could manage the one cookie because they were so big, but if you had a sweet tooth, I'm sure you could enjoy more than one.

Next time you're in Sainsbury's look out for these, I can guarantee you'll become a white chocolate (and orange) fan.


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