Tesco Finest Dominican Republic 30 Milk Chocolate

Tesco Finest Dominican Republic 30 Milk Chocolate

Posted 2014-03-08 by Tammy Faceyfollow
Salted milk chocolate has become a trend. Supermarket Tesco has cottoned on, and have created a luxurious Dominican Republic 30% Milk Chocolate bar with Maldon Sea Salt Flakes (£1.60)

Ever since I saw celebrity chef Nigella Lawson make her sea salt and caramel cookies, on television, I've been a fan.

It's amazing how a little salt makes all the difference to flavour; the addition of Maldon sea salt flakes really brings out the depth of the Dominican chocolate and enhances the taste. Prior to enjoying this chocolate I would never have thought salted milk chocolate would 'work' in bar form, but it truly does.

The addition of salt will surprise your taste buds with an unexpected alliance of signature creamy Dominican chocolate refined with tiniest flakes of sea salt. Adding the salt also gives the chocolate a balance, which I never noticed it might need before.

I have only ever heard of crystals of "Fleur du Sel" - the flower, or the crown of the sea salt - being added to chocolate, or caramel and chocolate desserts, but I've found the addition of flakes work just as well.

It makes an indulgent on-the-go dessert (you only need two squares - 50g - to satisfy your sweet tooth), or for a more exciting type of chocolate, add to cookies and tray bakes. I recommend breaking a few squares of this bar into a cookie dough mix - it gives off the most indulgent fragrance, and becomes gooey when baked. The addition of the sea salt works perfectly in cookies, and has become a favourite in our household.

The 200g bar is certified fair trade, which makes buying this bar that bit easier because £1.60 isn't cheap for a bar of chocolate. I urge you, however, to give this a try. This bar is definitely a 'don't-knock-it-until-you've-tried-it' kind; my Mother is highly sceptical of chocolate which has, as she says, 'been tampered with', but I can assure you, it is delicious.

It seems Tesco have excelled themselves with their Finest range once again, and I am, as usual, powerless to a fine bar of chocolate.


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