Videri Sea Salt Dark Chocolate

Videri Sea Salt Dark Chocolate

Posted 2014-03-15 by Tammy Faceyfollow
[Link Videri] is the independent American business who produce exceptional dark and milk chocolate at their factory in the states. After a recent introduction to the dark side, I did a bit of research and placed an order with Videri. Only yesterday did my box of Sea Salt Dark Chocolate (£6.00) arrive.

A combination of both salty and sweet - a flavour which is trending in the food market right now - makes this 60% cocoa mass, dark chocolate bar quite different.

In the Videri box you'll actually find two chocolate bars made up of organic cocoa nibs, cocoa butter, organic cane sugar and the all-important sea salt. It's funny how a few ingredients can make something wonderful when combined, it's the skills and technique involved in that process which seperates the good from the excellent, and Videri is undoubtedly in the top bracket.

It's Videri's most popular bar, and I can see why - it is absolutely scrumptious. Prior to trying sweet and salty popcorn I thought it was a rather strange gimmick by new confectionery companies, but having tried sweet and salty popcorn, I love it. Thus, I thought I'd try Videri's salted dark chocolate bar, and I am rather smitten.

To begin with, the box contains two bars, so you can share with a friend/enjoy the other one later. T bars are dark, glossy slabs of dairy, gluten and nut free chocolate, so I had some reservations. However, Videri put a lot of effort into packaging, so I had my hopes up.

On to the most important part: the taste. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was certainly a surprise when I took the first bite. The bars are the same thickness as any other 100g bar of exceptional chocolate, but this one seemed to be ever so slighter flatter than was I expected, nonetheless as I bit into it, it seemed to melt almost instantly, which was lovely. It was surprisingly smooth, had a familiar bitterness I like with dark chocolate, but also deep, slightly nutty flavours. The salt really works with dark chocolate, and affords it an expensive quality.

Videri undoubtedly produce gourmet chocolate, and after enjoying both two bars (to myself!), I am well and truly a salted dark chocolate fan.


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