Weight Watchers Chocolate Mini Rolls

Weight Watchers Chocolate Mini Rolls

Posted 2014-03-11 by Tammy Faceyfollow
Not all chocolate is high in fat and 'bad' for you, as (£1.80) show. Chocolate mini rolls, can, in fact, become a part of a healthy diet, when enjoyed in moderation.

If you ware watching your weight, why not try a lighter version of the much-loved mini roll, and see if you notice much difference in the taste.

They're descirbed on the Weight Watchers website as Light chocolate sponge with a vanilla flavoured fondant filling, enrobed in smooth milk chocolate, which I think is a fair description, but I think I can do better.

Admittedly they're not fantastic, but they're not bad at all. They're notably 'lighter' in taste, and have a sweetness akin to truvia sweetener, which I'm actually quite fond of. The chocolate tastes just like regular chocolate, but it's the creamy inner filling which tastes different. Instead of a thick cream filling which you associate with 'regular' mini rolls, the Weight Watchers version is more of a light foam, similar to hot foamy milk which you sometimes get in place of cream at your local coffee shop.

I bought a pack of these from Tesco recently, and I have to say they're quite enjoyable. They come in a pale blue Weight Watchers pack, which connotes lightness I guess. It's definitely a change from the royal purple colour usually associates with chocolate mini rolls. Nonetheless the packaging suggests that these little rolls are decidedly different from your average dessert.

On the back of the packet the low-fat content is highlighted using different typography. The low fat content is highlighted, but you really can't tell when it comes to the taste, which is always a tricky one when trying diet foods. I've often found they fall short of the full-fat 'normal' version of what they are trying to imitate, but Weight Watchers have done a good job here.

At only 87 calories per roll they really are a low fat alternative to the regular, high fat, high sugar mini roll, yet they still remain an indulgent treat. Perfect then, if you're watching your weight.


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