Chocolate Turkish Delights

Chocolate Turkish Delights

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Out of the many wonders Turkey, then known as Constantinople, gave the world, Turkish delight is a favourite for many. This dessert has been making mouths water since the 18th century. Happens to be my favourite too and when it is wrapped in chocolate, the combination is heavenly.

There are many legends related to the origin of this delicacy. One legend says that there was a Sultan who believed that the way to a woman's heart is through the tummy, and hence this recipe was discovered to woo a certain beautiful maiden. To this day, Turkish delight is considered a culinary delight in royal households.

Turkish delight by Suat

Turkish delight is a gel like confection made with sugary syrup and starch. Any dessert gets a complete new look and flavour once combined with chocolate. Same happens with this one.

Presently many famous chocolatiers are making these chocolate Turkish delights. The one I had was of Walker's London. It comes in a box case with 20 square slices of the chocolate. When you dig your teeth into it, you will surely go hmmmm...

Amazing creation by Walkers London

Traditionally Turkish delight is a rose flavoured gel. But when left to the chocolatier's imagination the options are many. This brand comes in an array of flavours like rose, mint, orange with variations from milk to dark chocolate cover. I have tried the orange and rose flavours. Each has its own charm. The only flip-side is that my hand reaches for the second one quickly as I finish the first.

Individual thins

Gellike filling

For those who haven't tried this one yet, its definitely worth a try. I bought this one at Big W, Melbourne for Great taste at reasonable price, this made its way into our Christmas gift boxes. Such deals would surely come around Easter time, maybe with some more variations.

Chocolate always leaves me mesmerized, its the kind of relation I have with it. And when it has such a delicious filling, makes my taste buds grin wide. No wonder, the White Witch used Turkish delight to lure children to Narnia.

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