Haighs Chocolates

Haighs Chocolates

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Those yummy chocolate frogs are larger than life here

Haigh's is an elegant Australian based chocolatier of fine, quality chocolate. Haigh's was founded in 1915 by Alfred Haigh, with the first ever Haigh's chocolate store opening in Adelaide's King William Street.

Their new Mango and Chilli Truffles

This chocolatier hand makes their own chocolates in Adelaide; and has stores in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. In Sydney, the first ever Haigh's opened at the beautiful Strand Arcade in 2004, and during December 2012, Haigh's opened up a second Sydney store in bigger premises in another elegant building in Sydney City called the Queen Victoria Building.

More truffles

Haigh's chocolates are quite creamy. Their top selections of packaged chocolate products include the following:

  • Milk and dark chocolate pastilles. This product also comes in peppermint varieties, and for the dark chocolate pastilles - another variation is the 70% cocoa range.

  • Milk and dark chocolate frogs - also come in peppermint varieties.

  • Haigh's also does an exceptional job with their pralines and truffles. To adhere to the salted caramel trend, they introduced a Salted Caramel Truffle in late 2013.


    The sweet tooth's will love the Egg Nog truffle. For those who do not like their chocolate as sweet, Haigh's Blueberry Mousse is divine. There is a dark chocolate coating on the outside with some pretty blueberry patterns on the top. Inside is a blueberry coloured mousse.

    The tin pastilles are nearby

    Although a new product that has launched this week (early February 2014, as at the time of writing this) is their Mango and Chilli Truffle. The mango flavour is so intense, and you'll see little chilli flakes inside the mango mousse. People in Sydney have already started to rave about this product.

    The writer on one of the chocolate tours she runs. Telling guests about the History of Haighs, and serving up some delicious truffle and praline treats.

    Haigh's is a chocolatier with a social conscience and an active soul. Adelaide Zoo was pitching to businesses in the area to raise some much needed funds to bring the pandas to Adelaide Zoo. Haigh's agreed to participate, and if it wasn't for them, the pandas wouldn't have made it to Adelaide Zoo. Hence the relevance of the panda dolls in their stores throughout Australia.

    Those pandas thanks to Adelaide Zoo

    This chocolatier runs free chocolate factory tours at their factory in Adelaide's Parkside. Bookings need to be made in advance. Each tour goes for 20 minutes.

    Some Valentines Day stock


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