Neuhaus Mini Duos

Neuhaus Mini Duos

Posted 2013-09-07 by Bastion Harrisonfollow

Neuhaus is a luxury Belgian Chocolatiers that make couverture chocolates. I have only every been to their shop twice, but each time I have been stunned by the craftsmanship of each individual truffle.

I have, however, never bought any of their truffles, because as beautiful as they are, they are also very expensive. If you buy them individually from the counter, they cost £7 per 100g, and a box of 12 costs between £22-£25.

Although I have never bought any of their truffles, on each visit, I did bring something home with me. On the first occasion it was some chocolate tea biscuits, and this time round I treated myself to two out of their three mini duo packs.

Mini Duos are round discs of chocolate each sprinkled with two different toppings. At £9 for a short tube or £18 for a long tube, they are still expensive, but you do get more for your money than with the truffles.

I chose two short tubes, one of which was Pistachio & Nougatine, and the other Almonds & Caramel.

Out of the two, the pistachio one was my favourite. Small pieces of pistachio and nougat topped smooth milk chocolate discs, which delivered both sweet and savoury flavours.

At first I was not keen on the almond discs because I thought the bitter notes of the dark chocolate had been lost because of the caramel. After going back to them the next day, however, I gained a new appreciation for them; the caramelised almonds had a hint of burnt toffee about them, and if you lick the underside of the disc first, then you still get the dark chocolate tones.

My main niggle is really the price. I know they are couverture chocolates, but I have bought other fine chocolatiers such as Hotel Chocolat at a lower price, for just the same quality. And when I have bought chocolate at a similar price range, such as Demarquette, the chocolate has been far superior to this.

It is worth buying from Neuhaus once or twice just to satisfy your curiosity, but overall, I think there are much better companies out there.

If I do buy from them again, I might take the plunge and get some truffles just to find out if the quality matches the price. After that, I think I'll leave them alone.


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