Lindt Excellence Range

Lindt Excellence Range

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The Lindt Excellence range calls itself the finest and best of chocolates ever made. So what makes it so special.

Lindt quality
Undoubtedly the quality. You can close your eyes and eat a Lindt chocolate. But, no, it is rather said, let all your 5 senses savour this excellent invention. Touch the smoothness of each diamond shaped piece and feel its blemish-free surface. The chocolate is so rich, it will just melt at the point your finger presses.
See the matte sheen on its surface. While you admire it, be ready to handle your hungry eyes. Each piece breaks with a sharp snap which indicates a well-tempered dense chocolate. Allure your olfactory sense with the aroma of bitter sweet cocoa butter.
And finally, relieve your mouth that has been itching since you first set your eyes upon the chocolate. The way the chocolate just melts in your mouth to reveal all its delicious secrets is a feeling beyond description.

History of Excellence
Master chocolatiers at Lindt have been extensively creating new flavours to give form to their passion to create gourmet chocolate, since 1845. In 1879, chocolate making saw a unique refinement process called conching, developed by Rudolph Lindt. It involves long period of stirring to refine the flavour and texture of the chocolate, this being practised even today.

Rudolph Lindt, the master chocolatier himself

In 1989, Lindt went on to include more flavours that dark chocolate could unite with to give the chocoholic's palate a new taste with each bar. Thus was born the 'Excellence' range.

  • Fruit flavours include intense cherry, strawberry, coconut, passion fruit, orange, blueberry. They come with almond slivers, together combined with dark chocolate (70% cocoa) to give a seductive chocolaty experience.

  • Intense orange with dark chocolate

  • The 70% and 85% cocoa containing dark chocolates with an earthy robust flavour with mild hint of fruit and licorice.
  • Chili- This unique combination of chili with dark chocolate has been playing with the taste buds since years. Enjoy it in Lindt style.
  • Mint with dark chocolate is a pair made in heaven. I am not a fan of dark chocolate, but with mint, its absolutely lovely.

  • New flavours, courtesy Facebook page, Lindt Australia

  • Flakes of roasted almond with velvety dark chocolate weaves a magic of its own. This nutty crunchy flavour will surely make you go ga-ga
  • A dramatic creation where hint of sea salts from France have been used to enhance the sweetness of chocolate.
  • Excellence Madagascar is 70% dark variety, extracted from select cocoa beans, blended with slight touch of vanilla, both from their true origin in Madagascar.

  • Intense passion fruit with dark chocolate

  • Milk chocolate: 2 bars for the milk chocolate lovers. One is caramel. No chocolate range is complete without caramel and certainly Lindt cannot fall short there. The other is a extra creamy variety blended with honey and vanilla giving a sense marvellous indulgence.
  • Last but not the least, for the white chocolate lovers. Lindt excellence presents the ultimate richness of white chocolate with real Madagascan vanilla.

  • With so many flavours to drown your senses into, something for everyone and everything for the true chocolate connoisseur, I feel the name totally justifies itself. Truly excellent!


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