St Dalfour Organic Chocolate Sauce

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St.Dalfour are the French company who produce exceptional 100% fruit jam and preserves.

From cherry to blackcurrant to more familiar strawberry jam St.Dalfour produce some of the best spreads in Europe. It was with sheer joy that I found out that they also sell and organic chocolate sauce, which is an all-natural and gluten free treat.

Admittedly, the sound of 'all-natural' and chocolate rarely goes in the same sentence because all good chocolate has a bit of naughty stuff in it, and I wasn't expecting anything special from the jam makers, however St. Dalfour certainly surprised me.

I rarely use, or need chocolate sauce, but with my nephew recently receiving superb feedback from his parents' evening at school, my sister said there was a reason to celebrate.

I bought the chocolate sauce from WholeFoods for £3.00, but you can buy it on Amazon, as well as Ebay and iHerb.

We decided to try the sauce drizzled over vanilla ice cream, and I can honestly say it is incredible. I have yet to try an all natural topping which tastes as good, let alone boasting a real authentic flavour and taste.

My sister's face said it all when she tried this, and she questioned whether it contained any refined sugars or cream. It is out of this world, try it on anything because it is so smooth and delicious.

The gourmet sauce is made with a blend of agave and rice syrup. Using these syrups as opposed to sugar slows down the the absorption of the product into the body, which prevents sugar shock which refined sugar does by spiking the blood sugar.

Of course there is natural cocoa (7%) added to give this sauce it's incredibly chocolatey taste, but instead of melted chocolate (full of sugar and fat), St.Dalfour have added reduced fat cocoa powder and skimmed milk powder to give it a (low fat) creaminess.

It is sweet, but thankfully not too sweet (perfect for children), so we poured less than a teaspoon's worth over the kids ice cream scoops, and they loved it. Neither my niece of nephew realised we had used a 'healthy', sugar-free chocolate sauce: objective achieved.


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