Tesco Finest Swiss Caramel Chocolate

Tesco Finest Swiss Caramel Chocolate

Posted 2014-03-08 by Tammy Faceyfollow
Tesco's Finest Swiss Caramel Chocolate bar is absolutely divine. I spotted the bar in the chocolates and sweets aisle, with its bright orange packaging, and Finest stamp. The bar looked exotic, luxurious, and with the orange and cinnamon shades covering the packaging I immediately thought of the golden nectar with which I used to covet when I was younger: caramel.

Caramel chocolate has long since been considered a luxurious kind of treat. Ever since I was a child I have always loved caramel chocolate; the sweet, toffee-like inside has an indulgent quality, which I have associated with staying at my grandparent's during my youth. My grandma and granddad always gave us caramel chocolates after dinner, or at any time of day to be honest - the way grandparents do (they love to feed their grandchildren).

This bar of Swiss caramel chocolate is a more grown up take on the classic caramel bars I used to enjoy. Tesco have added crushed raw almond pieces, and coated them in caramel for texture.

The result is a totally indulgent bar of decadence; it's not often that I care for milk chocolate, but when as much attention and detail has been paid, I fall prey to the pull of packaging, the presentation of a simple slab, and relish the crunch of caramel and sugar as the chocolate does its work.

It's unique for so many reasons: firstly, the milk chocolate is Swiss, so the chocolate is of a superior quality. You'll notice that Swiss chocolate tends to be creamier than non-Swiss milk chocolate because of the way they cultivate and blend the chocolate - it's in the Swiss chocolatiers history, so you're guaranteed a silkier slab. Secondly, caramel-coated almonds. Just the thought of caramel coated almonds makes me weak at the knees, but add them to a chocolate bar and everything becomes oh so indulgent.

No matter your age, I think you can appreciate the luxury of a caramel infused bar of chocolate and revel in the pleasure it brings. I know my Mother is a huge fan of caramel, and when coupled with milk chocolate of this quality she loves it.


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