Tiny Tasty Turtles

Tiny Tasty Turtles

Posted 2014-03-07 by Bastion Harrisonfollow

Good quality chocolate shouldn't just be for grown ups. In fact, with all the issues over kids eating too much sugar and processed food, it should be all the more important to introduce them to the world of 'proper' chocolate rather than the addictive confectionary at the supermarket.

Montezumas has a range of chocolates especially aimed at kids. Their come in a funky plastic bag, and although they might be too young to remember the 60s, these groovy colours are a big attraction.

The organic turtles come in eight varieties, all of which are priced at £2.29. First there are the four basics: white, 34% milk, 73% dark, and a mixed bag. Although the shapes are obviously designed to appeal to children, the fact that Montezumas use such a high percentage of cocoa solids for their dark chocolate suggests that these are aimed equally at adults as well.

A lot of children find dark chocolate too bitter, but by having it in small turtle chunks, it is not too overpowering, and provides just the right size treat that should satisfy their cravings.

We then move on to some of the fancier choices, such as Turtley Sunshine, which is white chocolate with freeze dried raspberries. I found these too sweet for my palette, but I expect children will think them just right. Another fruity choice is Turtley bananas. I didn't think these worked too well, not because they didn't taste nice, but rather because of the way they were put together. The pieces of banana chips in the turtle are far to large. They needed to be broken down into small pieces.

The newest in the range is Turtley Juicy, which is dark chocolate infused with orange oil. Again, the bitterness makes one turtle ample sufficiency.

My favourite out of the selection is Lonesome George. The eponymously named milk chocolate is flavoured with butterscotch, creating a rich, buttery mouthful.


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