Disney Princess 14 Solid Milk White Chocolate Shapes

Disney Princess 14 Solid Milk White Chocolate Shapes

Posted 2014-04-21 by Jennifer Muirheadfollow

This was one of the gifts my children received from relatives for Easter, which they generously shared with me. The whole Disney Princess franchise makes my brain hurt, but given the choice between this and Peppa Pig, my two year old son chose this. As long as he's happy I suppose that's okay.

The box features three Disney princesses, and I am so out of touch that after the recent rebranding of the line the only one I recognise is Ariel on the bottom left. I do not like the look of the one at the top. Those eyes bore clean into my soul.

I suppose it's what's inside that counts. What's inside the box in this case are little chocolate lipsticks and perfume bottles in milk or white chocolate. On tasting it my husband and I both commented that it reminded us of Advent calendar chocolate, which is not surprising since Kinnerton is a major producer of chocolate Advent calendars. They are also "Britain's largest independent manufacturer of chocolate and novelty confectionery specialising in character merchandising." I am mystified as to why licensed characters are needed to sell something as wonderful and universally popular as chocolate, but whatever.

The little chocolate lipstick I ate suffered from comparison with the very tasty Oxfam chocolate Easter egg I'd eaten right before trying it. The cocoa content seems to be very low and the texture suggests it is made with vegetable oil rather than cocoa fat. However, the kids really don't care. They are just wildly happy to have some chocolate to eat. It's a fine way to live. Curse my discerning palate!

Kinnerton's chocolate is suitable for vegetarians and comes with the "Kinnerton Nut Safety Promise", that they go to "extraordinary lengths" to try and make their chocolates safe for people with nut allergies.


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