Guylian Opus

Guylian Opus

Posted 2014-01-06 by Bastion Harrisonfollow

Until I got a gift box of Opus, I thought that the only chocolates that Guylian did were their signature praline truffles that come in the shape of a seashell or seahorse.

The Belgian company has seemingly expanded its range without my noticing, and on offer now, is a box that they describe is for music lovers.

To be honest, this is a bit of a far reach, the only association Opus has with music is that each chocolate is named after a famous composer. The shapes aren't exactly reminiscent of music. We get a heart, a butterfly, and a pyramid. These are meant to symbolise operas (e.g. Romeo & Juliet, Madame Butterfly, Aida).

Questionable names aside, the quality of the selection is very good. There is a greater variation than with their classic selection. First there is 'Massnet' - a chocolate mousse. The soft innards are coasted by a shell of white chocolate.

Next is 'Gounod'. The golden foil covered heart is a classic hazelnut praline, in similar keeping with the seashell collection.

I found 'Mozart' disappointing. It was meant to be cappuccino with hazelnut, but I didn't pick up any coffee notes.

I would say the same about 'Beethoven', which was also meant to be cappuccino flavoured. There was an improvement with the whole hazelnut, however, and the white chocolate crescent moon on top was a nice touch.

The 'Donizetti' drum is also a praline with a whole hazelnut inside. The only difference is that it is not cappuccino flavoured. Since you cannot taste the cappuccino in the last two anyway, all three are pretty much identical.

'Puccini' is definitely different, but not in a good way. The mottled butterfly looks similar to their signature seahorse, but instead of a dark praline truffle, you get a white orange cream that is very sugary and artificial tasting.

'Verdi' is the triangle, and although it is a simple milk chocolate, it is one of the most satisfying because it fulfils your expectations.

The rectangular 'Bach' is also very nice for a praline, but is described as gianduja; I don't think it was smooth enough for that.

Overall the only truffle I did not like was the butterfly. My favourites were the mousse and milk pyramids. The others were all good, but tasted very samey.


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