Hotel Chocolat Summer Fusions

Hotel Chocolat Summer Fusions

Posted 2013-09-07 by Bastion Harrisonfollow

New this year is Hotel Chocolat's Summer Fusion 35g bars. These attractive and exciting looking bars come in five varieties, and I have tested four of them. The one thing they all have in common is that they are divided into alternating strips of milk and white chocolate, each of which is infused with a different flavour. They were all quality products, but some lived up to expectations more so than others.

The biggest disappointment was probably the Orange & Elderflower simply because the flavours were too subtle. The orange milk chocolate was very mild, and to be honest, does not give you that hit you're looking for. The white chocolate is beautiful and creamy and worth five stars in its own right, but it was meant to be infused with elderflower and I could not detect any at all.

Also subtle in flavour was the Raspberry & Pomegranate, but I think that worked to an advantage in this case. You could definitely detect the fruits, but it wasn't too strong. I liked the texture of this bar, as it had some grains/seeds inside. My only criticism here is that the raspberry and pomegranate were indistinguishable from one another.

Tea drinkers will appreciate the herbal notes of the Earl Grey & Lemon bar. Smooth milk chocolate is textured with earthy tea lives, white the white chocolate has a real lemony zing. As the milk and white chocolate are divided into separate sections, however, you experience both these flavours individually. It would have been nice if the Earl Grey and lemon were mixed together.

The winner by a good few miles is the Banana & Caramel bar. The milk chocolate has been caramelised, while the white chocolate is infused with banana. Unlike the Earl Grey chocolate, however, you can taste banana throughout the whole bar. It provides the most flavour out of all the range, and is the only one which leaves me wanting to go back for more.


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