Kingdom Chocolate Bars

Kingdom Chocolate Bars

Posted 2014-09-17 by Bastion Harrisonfollow

Kingdom are a brand new chocolate company, and the 'cheeky little brother' of Montezumas . It is a family owned business based in Sussex, and their aim is to create a creative range of British chocolate, using cacao from Uganda.

So far they have six flavour filled bars at £1.89 each, although I bought the whole collection at 6 for £10.

The first bar I tried was milk chocolate with a rhubarb and vanilla filling. The outer shell was creamy while the inner whiter chocolate ganache had a very subtle hint of rhubarb, with a sweet vanilla flavour.

The filling was well proportioned and mould into the chocolate, so that the bar broke evenly. It was a soft, but solid filling, so didn't ooze out everywhere.

Second was the milk chocolate with a peanut butter centre. I was sceptical about this one, as I often find peanut butter flavoured chocolate - such as Reese's - too strong. But Kingdom's bar was a pleasant surprise. The flavour was distinct, but again, subtle, not so that the chocolate remained the star of the show.

I was surprised to find that the cappuccino and coffee filling also had a milk shell, as most coffee bars are teamed with dark chocolate. This made for a nice change. The bar was very creamy, smooth, and mild. One of my favourite coffee flavoured bars I've tried.

The other three bars are made from 61% dark chocolate, which is semi sweet. The one with the lemon and lime filling has a refreshing note of citrus, but not in anyway sharp.

The citrus from the orange bar also worked, probably even better than the lemon, and made the dark chocolate more mellow.

For the double chocolate mousse, I was expecting the mousse to be milk chocolate, but it was dark, which I think made the bar a little too bitter. It is nice for one or too bites, but you wouldn't want anymore.

My overall verdict is that Kingdom has an excellent and distinctive range, which I look forward to seeing more of.


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